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 Foggy Tanzaku Town Evenings (open)

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Foggy Tanzaku Town Evenings (open) Left_bar_bleue100/100Foggy Tanzaku Town Evenings (open) Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)
Foggy Tanzaku Town Evenings (open) Left_bar_bleue100/100Foggy Tanzaku Town Evenings (open) Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)
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Foggy Tanzaku Town Evenings (open) Left_bar_bleue100/100Foggy Tanzaku Town Evenings (open) Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)

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PostSubject: Foggy Tanzaku Town Evenings (open)   Foggy Tanzaku Town Evenings (open) Icon_minitimeSat Nov 28, 2009 3:53 pm

It was a foggy day in Tanzaku Town, not the best thing in the world. Most wouldn't be able to see anything 4 inches away from their face as the mist was just as bad as the kind in Kirigakure. All buildings were locked up for the evening, probably since most were afraid of an enemy using the mist to their advantage. Some genin teams and chuunin/jounin guards were out patrolling the grounds, looking for anybody that looked just too suspicious. Who would want to be out this late? Well, those who had no choice since they didn't have anywhere to stay. Feel sorry for them, since they'd probably be first in line to see an enemy's blade stab right through their rib cage.

Sota however, being one of those kids, wasn't even a speck scared. Fortunately, the shops were closed but the bars were open and inviting people in for rest. He was hoping to be on his way over to one soon. Inside a small crack in the alley, he was packing up his tiny bag of belongings, filling it with stones. Ammo if anybody were coming at him. He picked up a stick he'd found that resembled a slingshot and placed it inside a pocket for easy grabbing. Then he turned to his other pocket and stuffed rocks inside. Happy with his plan, he finally placed a small pack of pockey in his backpack's pocket, for a snack. Sota wasn't one for preparing, but the fog slightly annoyed him and if he got lost he'd need something to eat. The child picked up his backpack, rolled it on and strolled outside the crack.

The alley seemed evil at this time. Crows could be heard calling out in the night skies. Sota wondered what would happen if he shot his slingshot. Would it hit one? Deciding to try, he pulled the slingshot and watched the stone swing in the air. As it dissappeared into the fog a rustle of feathers was heard and a crow cawed angrily. Yup, it worked. Sota, pleased from his discovery, strolled down the street, over the cobblestone.

But was he alone??
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Foggy Tanzaku Town Evenings (open)
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