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 Sleeping in a tree in the middle of nowhere (open)

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PostSubject: Sleeping in a tree in the middle of nowhere (open)   Sun Aug 23, 2009 1:13 pm

Asagi was sprawled out on some tree branches. Her arms were flailing out of the tree, her legs wrapping around part of the branch so she wouldn't fall and her head was hanging out of the tree. This was not a usual way of resting but she was doing it to be able to see the clouds. Her eyes were closed, having fallen asleep watching them. She was a lazy girl, that was for sure.

A strange thing was she had no presence or chakra. Nothing at all. It was almost freaky. Nobody would be able to sense her or anything. She had no scent! Asagi started drooling as she was still asleep.

''Mrr.....'' Was all that came from her.

The warm breeze ruffled the leaves of the tree and she made a small meh sound as well. She was wearing a random white sweater and black pants with red and white arm warmers. Her jacket and a top hat was on the branch beside her, which her arm sheltered from it falling.

ooc: Asagi is my secondary character. ^^ Here ish a picture.

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Sleeping in a tree in the middle of nowhere (open)
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