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 The Silent Mist of the Past

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PostSubject: The Silent Mist of the Past   The Silent Mist of the Past Icon_minitimeSun Sep 13, 2009 4:28 am

Fire stormed the meadows and smoke filled the air. What was left of the old garden that Zabuza loved to go to was ashes. Those filthy ANBU had gone too far. It was time for Zabuza to get his revenge.

Taking his sword, Zabuza swang it to his back. With a loud thump, it landed and hung there like it was stuck by super glue. Zabuza was determined to kill at least a few of those idiots. ANBU was a useless organization that had disturbed Zabuza one time too many.

After seeing his beautiful flowers burnt to a crisp, Zabuza had snapped. The ANBU had gone around fighting missing nin and accidentally set the meadow aflame. But they didn't even bother to put it out. Zabuza's anger raged as hot as the fire.

This was the last straw. Zabuza ran towards the Kirigakure Hotel, where the ANBU were taking temporary residence. Them and their wallets full of ryu.

Zabuza fired a blast of water chakra at the building. It was something he had learnt from his days as a Guardian of the Mist. "Give me back my garden you ANBU jerks!"

The townspeople ran away in fear. An angry Zabuza was not one that could be dealt with, even for the Mizukage. The building collapsed in an instant, but the ANBU idiots had rescued everyone, including themselves.

While the rescued people cheered for the ANBU, the ANBU rushed to restrain Zabuza. But they were easily defeated by Zabuza's relentless Water Dragon Blast moves.

Zabuza jumped high into the air and fired a final Water Dragon Blast, larger than the others. "It's a bird," someone cried out. "No, it's a plane!" another said.

Finally, someone got the right answer. "No, it's Zabuza's Uber Water Dragon Blast attack!" Finally! Someone with sense. And whoever heard of a plane in the ninja world. Come to think of it, what was a plane?

Anyways, the ANBU were knocked out. But more ninjas had come and Zabuza, drained of chakra, was subdued. He escaped, just barely after they started to walk.

In the courtroom, he was labeled as a Missing-nin. But come on, who would be stupid enough to hunt Zabuza?
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The Silent Mist of the Past
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