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 Born again demon: Asagi Mionazuka

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Born again demon: Asagi Mionazuka Left_bar_bleue100/100Born again demon: Asagi Mionazuka Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)
Born again demon: Asagi Mionazuka Left_bar_bleue100/100Born again demon: Asagi Mionazuka Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)
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Born again demon: Asagi Mionazuka Left_bar_bleue100/100Born again demon: Asagi Mionazuka Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)

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PostSubject: Born again demon: Asagi Mionazuka   Born again demon: Asagi Mionazuka Icon_minitimeSun May 10, 2009 11:41 am

Born again demon: Asagi Mionazuka Asagi+durmiendo

Name: Mionazuka
First name: Asagi aka Codename 0.046
Age: 0
Birthday: Created in April 2nd
Height: Average.
Weight: extremely fragile.

Village: Grass!!
Favorite food: Ice cream cake.
Powers: I am the master of rope escapement technique!!! And nothing else....aww...

Class: Demon

Physical description:
Asagi looks very normal when human. Except for the fact she looks like she came from a manga, for she is black and white, unless wearing coloured clothing. Her eyes are gray, her hair is gray and her skin is pitch white. It isn't easy to tell she is a demon at all. In fact, her chakra is the fact her chakra or presence cannot be felt at all. Sometimes she can be mistaken as a ghost because of that. Besides that she has a nice look about her. There has been cases of her wearing lolita and top hat style. ><

Born again demon: Asagi Mionazuka Asagi+de+pieBorn again demon: Asagi Mionazuka Asagi-1

Temper: Lazy (as in almost Shikamaru lazy), sleepy and likes to stare at clouds or eat cake. When hyper....let's just say she is the opposite.

Strong point: Asagi is an athletic girl even if she looks like she could be pushed over in an instant. She has knowledge of almost anything as a demon usually has and goes crazy with her computer skills. Another strong point is (because of playing strategy games) she can figure good tactics to beat her opponents. Although chakra is non-tellable, she still has it.

Weakness: Her only real move is rope escapement making it easy to beat her even if she could escape from the cages somebody puts her in. A demon also can be killed =_=.

In the grass village a project was made to raise the dead. Many scientists decided to find a cure for death and bring loved ones back to life. If only they knew that death must happen and reraising those who have been dead for so long is virtually unable to be cured by science. Science is unable to use it, but magic and the presence of chakra would be able to restore the recently deceased. But these scientists scoffed at the presence of magic and tried.

Their idea concisted of a machine that would harness the spirit of the deceased and place it in a new body. The process would either destroy the corpse or work and they had to be carefull. The power went on and everybody was hopefull. The scientists could see the spirit being whisked inside and they prayed it would work.

Then the power struck and the machine broke. But the spirit already inside, it was unable to see what had happened. In reality, the spirit was a demon's and when it went inside and the power broke the spirit was harmed and lost it's memories of ever being a demon. The demon rose, corrupting the body with it's magic and making the body black and white, with a demonic chakra that was rendered invisible to anyone else because of the demonic power. Soon it was trapped into a tube and called Codename 0.046 to be shown to all as a captured monster. The creature escaped without a trace and nicknamed itself Asagi without realizing it's true nature.

Now without memory of being a demon, Asagi walks the land not exactly sure of what she is doing, and highly confused.
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Born again demon: Asagi Mionazuka
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