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 Haichu's Knowledge

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PostSubject: Haichu's Knowledge   Haichu's Knowledge Icon_minitimeFri Oct 24, 2008 9:32 am

Haichu groaned miserably as she got up. Her head was killing her and felt like s he was going to puke. Her eyes were bloodshot and couldn’t remember what happened what happened last night. She decided to fly it off instead. Yes fly for she if she wanted could morph. So she unfurled her wings and jumped off and unfolded her wings letting the wind carrier her. She wanted to get away for today and not worry at all. She blinked as she hovered high above trees. She sighed didn’t know how anything happened. “Wait when did I get wings?” she mumbled incredulously. She then landed and decided to ask Kura what she knew about these weird things happening.
”Okay Kura, I know you know what’s wrong with me….the 12 creators said you didn’t tell me something what is it?” Haichu glared at me.
’…..Haichu I don’t think-‘ I was cut off.
”Kura please there are some things I need to know!!!” she yelled.
’sometimes things are better when not revealed…’ I looked away sadly.
”Please…..” Haichu added desperately. I looked at her and sighed.
Everything then went dark as I closed my eyes. I then reopened them and they were blue. Haichu stared and then we went back to when Haichu was a little kid. She was in a cage and had wounds over her body. She had wings and was in the back of the cage. We then skipped again and she was now into what looked like a wolf and she morphed. I then walked through the lab and Haichu followed horrified. She saw that she had tests ran on her with things to see what would happen to her. “W-why can’t I remember this!?” Haichu rasped looking at the area. “…………” I didn’t respond only continued walking. She then say more people except with wings who escaped and these mutated wolves after them. We then saw the kid Haichu transform with wings and began to fly off next to the others but then yelled something, “You guys go I will hold them off!” and Haichu watched in horror as the younger version of her age of 10 began to fight off some of the mutated wolves. “But-“ The one girl yelled but younger Haichu shot her a glare and they jumped off the cliff and flew up and away. Haichu then looked back at her younger self who was being brought down with chains and rope as she struggled to get free. A person in a white coat then came out and stuck a needle in her putting a green liquid in her which made her go unconscious. The image swirled again as I looked over to Haichu with an icy face. The images then went to the lab half destroyed with a immense chakra coming from the younger Haichu. “Why can’t I remember-What is that!?” she hissed looking at the chakra. I looked at her, “Its……a demonatic chakra….you have demons inside of you…you won’t be able to remember them however….and….”I didn’t finish as I looked at Haichu who was glaring at the image. The image swirled to the sound village which seemed to rage her. “Do you remember your brother?” I whispered. She nodded with clenched teeth trying to control herself. “After he died…what do you remember?” I asked. She opened her mouth, “I remember attacking everyone in the sound…..and then opening my eyes in and I was in my room….” She then was thinking. The image swirled when she attacked everyone with the same chakra with bloodthirsty eyes. She stared, “Demons? Then why did the creators-“ I cut her off, “I only wanted to protect you from them…I didn’t want them to find you…because now you have to make a choice….will you go with them? Or will you stay here?” I asked calmly. Haichu then held up my sword ‘the immortal killer’. “Kura this is yours….I know but I have to set things right….” She whispered. “What?” I gave her a confused look. “I can’t tell you but things will come clear later….” She mumbled as she disappeared. I looked down sadly “What have I done…” I mumbled as everything went dark.

Haichu opened her eyes and looked up, “So…..that’s why…” she said looking up to the invisible figures of the Creators of universes. She closed her eyes and held the sword and it turned a bright blue.


The wings appeared as she spread them open taking a jump and flew off, "Yeah well its great knowing I'm a mutant freak...." she said sarcasticly as she flew across the mist village. She then saw Kenta but it was only her imagination. She looked away and was flying over a canyon and tried to breathe. "what's going on...with me..." she rasped holding her head.

'you have to make a decion....' the voice hissed, for it was one of the creators.

"I haven't decided yet!" Haichu yelled back.

'I suggest you hurry before things get worse!' the voice yelled back.

At that moments images flooded her head and she fell from the sky from the pain. The images kept coming but it felt like her brain exploded in her head and her skull was being smashed with a sludgehammer. She couldn't ever speak or think and only let her wings at her side.
'Please...please let me smash so the pain will stop...' was the only thing she could think of.
It felt like she was still dropping and the pain was still there. It was like her head had been split open and her brain had exploded. The images made no sense but showed images of pain and war along with experiments. She wanted to go splat right now but was still only falling.
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Haichu's Knowledge
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