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 Kura's God

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PostSubject: Kura's God   Kura's God Icon_minitimeThu Sep 11, 2008 1:31 pm

I finally made it leaving a trail of blood. I couldn't understand how I was doing that even if I was a ghost. I then was laying in the woods and looked at the lake as my eyes flashed silver. " this it? Tell me...what have I done?" I then flickered as I tried as I could to stay with this world. "As much as I want to go I don't...My mind tells me to leave, but my heart tells me to stay...GOD WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!!!" I shouted blood flowing from my mouth. At that moment three figures appeared. The Kurokage, Raikage, and Hikage. They walked up to me, for they knew what happened. "Kura...what has happened...why do you stay?" the Kurokage asked sadly. I tried to suck up the pain, I felt weak in front of my neighbor kages. "I-I am sorry...I disappointed you all...I brought shame to our hidden villages...." I sighed shakily getting up even with the pain. "Don't Kura your in no condition to apologize..." The Riakage said turning to to Hikage. " have to leave...if you don't you realize that you might not be given a third body..." The Kurokage said sadly. "That means we will never see you again..." The Hikage sighed. I then sat on the rock, "Yes...but I can't its too painful...."I began to cry, "Its not fair! I shouldn't complain but I just wish I wasn't so naive!" I then coughed up more blood. Then I began to fade and another person was there. It was my first body. It was the one and only Haichu Uchiha. Her spirit helped me up hugging me. "Kura...calm down...we both had to die...everyone must sometime...even for us immortals..." Haichu said calmly. I began to fade, "Then why...why does god try to destroy us? What have we done to die? Does god want everyone die?" I asked closing my eyes against her. The three Kages looked at each other. "We have to go...we are sorry Kura...we regret having you dead..." The kurokage said before they disappeared. I looked at Haichu. I couldn't remember anything when I was her. "Tell me...when I was you of course...I know you were an Uchiha...but what about Sasuke...and Itachi? What did they think of you..." I looked down sadly. "Kura....they loved me....we were friends....but you...why? why did you erase their memories? You could have been happy maybe just as their friends..." She said making me look at her. I looked at her and sighed. "Because...if they knew me...then everything would have been destroyed...but I didn't want to erase their memories. As I mind wants me to leave to stop the suffering...but my heart says stay with everyone..." I closed my eyes as I began to fade again. "God wants me start again or die...We both know that...." I was right and Haichu knew it. She nodded before mouthing good-bye as she began to fade. I then fell laying limp and blood dripping down my mouth. "Yeah...I wish....I could have stayed.....but I wouldn't be any good one really it gives me myself to leave...." I whispered crying. I then began to fade but extremely slowly.
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Kura's God
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