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 A Story on Fantasy

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Above the now thin ozone layer of Earth, all was peaceful and silent. The almost non-existent atmosphere was a last, final barrier of earth against the void of space. It was utterly pathetic. In the space above it, it was absolutely quiet. Silence reigned.

Suddenly, a hot, brilliant light flashed by plunging into the atmosphere. Streaking away from the brilliant orb with an unearthly glow were white feathers, catching fire as they plummeted through the atmosphere towards earth. The orb was transformed into a fiery meteor cutting through the air. With a tremendous splash it crashed into the water. Ripples emulated from the crash zone, spreading across the sea slowly until it got mixed in with the usual waves traversing across the ocean.

Moments passed silently. Nothing happened. An hour or two later, just as the sun was about to set, a seagull flew overhead and spiralled down to the ocean. With a flutter, it landed. It sat there floating for a few seconds as the last ray of the sun was shut out.

Suddenly, a black hand with razor sharp claws came bursting out of the water. The seagull squawked in surprise, flapped, and took off. But it was too late. The hand caught it and dragged it underwater.

In the darkness, the owner of the hand was near invisible. Eating the seagull had only fuelled its hunger even more. Ravenous, the dark figure swam silently through the ocean unnoticed. Upon reaching the coast, it slithered soundlessly out of the water and unto the beach. Reaching hard ground, it raised itself on all fours and scuttled over the ground and into the forest, much like a spider, all the time using its keen senses to track out its prey.

When the full moon had risen high over the treetops, the monster finally ended its hunt. Licking its claws and its multiple sets of teeth clean of blood, it decided that it was time to do its work. It smiled at the thought of all the chaos and disorder it would cause; the sadness and pain and the death and destruction. It crawled up a tree, its claws leaving deep grooves in the bark that will last for centuries to come. When it reached the top, it surveyed its surroundings with the analytical eye of a general. Its yellow eyes pierced into every nook and cranny; every hole and safe place; through metal and earth and into people’s minds. Its eyes narrowed. It spread its skeletal wings to full length and hissed. Its tongue darting between rows of teeth blackened with decay; it reared back and let out a horrendous screech that filled the night air.

Closing its horrendous mouth, the demon jumped into the air, flapping like a bat, and flew across the water. The wind from its powerful wings made the water leap up from underneath it in huge waves. Dark clouds covered the sky wherever it went bringing along the promise of a storm. Shadow energy trailing from its claws and wingtips shrouded the island behind it in utter darkness leaving the smell of death and decay behind. Teeth bared, it locked on to its destination thousands of leagues away, and flew faster then ever before.

It reached its destination in a matter of seconds. Landing softly on the craggy rock cropping, it folded its bone-like wings, then squatted down; snake-like tail hanging limply of the edge. The beast raised a single clawed hand into the night sky. Black lightning split the sky and smote a boulder next to it. Its master was getting impatient. That was not good for its health. It quickly ripped out one of its eyes and squeezed it until blood flowed freely from the bloody mess in its hands.

Another bolt of lightning split the mountain. This time it was closer. It stuck a hand into the pool of dark red blood and concentrated. Shadow energy cackled and leaping from its arms and into the blood. The energy went through the blood and into the soil which had soaked it up. Then the spectacle ended. At first nothing happened and it seemed that the creature had committed this act for no reason. Then, shadows around the mountain came to life, forming themselves into monsters from the imagination of madmen. Clawed, teethed and armed to the bone, the creatures assembled themselves into an army of nightmares. Creatures of the air swooped in and out above the crowd screeching at the ones below who crawled and slithered impatiently whilst in the water, the sea creatures swam around agitated, ready to begin the slaughter. The demon surveyed its work with satisfaction. Its eye had also re-grown. Looking upwards, it cursed the heavens from which it fell, he, a fallen angel, will now lead out Hell’s army against the armies of heaven in a great battle on earth. He would get his revenge.


Should I continue the story?
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PostSubject: Re: A Story on Fantasy   A Story on Fantasy Icon_minitimeSat Aug 23, 2008 2:20 pm

Yes XD
Great story!!
like this XD
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I'm going to agree with Gaara this time only...
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A Story on Fantasy
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