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 Sabaku No Gaara

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Sabaku No Gaara

Sabaku No Gaara

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Name: Sabaku No Gaara
First name: Gaara
Age: 15 years old.
Birthday: January 19th
Height: 148.1 CM
Weight: 40.2 KG
Village: The Hidden Sand Village
Favorite food: Ground Liver,salted tounge.
Powers: Desert Sand Floating,Desert Coffin,Desert Funeral,Desert Prison,Desert Imperial Funeral,Halberd of Shukaku,Shield of ShukakuBody Flicker Technique,Sand Clone Technique,Cocoon of Sand,Shield of Sand,Armor of Sand,Sand Lightning Needles,Sand Shower,Sand Shuriken.
Class: Kazekage
Physical Desription: Red Hair,Gord on back,Tattoo on forehead.
Temper: Calm.
Strongh Point: N/A
Story: Gaara, the name that when pronounced causes people to freeze for an instant. Freeze because the name Gaara itself has become a synonym for death. Ever since his first appearance Gaara has inspired fear, seemingly being an emotionless killer, a monster. Gaara is part of a three man team from the Hidden Village of Sand comprising of himself, Kankuro, and Temari. Even though this is a team Gaara is clearly the leader of the group, anything that seems like a protest is immediately followed by threatening the person with death. Silent and always withdrawn onto himself, even more than Sasuke, Gaara only talks when it's time to threaten someone or while having a thought about the person whom he is in battle with. Most of the time only the desire to kill and a deep hatred for everything that breathes consumes him.

Like Naruto, Gaara also hides a terrible secret. He has sealed within his body one of the Jinchuuriki, a tailed demon. Deep within his body Shukaku awaits the moment when he'll wake up from his sleep, when the body of that who carries him falls alseep. Gaara's past is indeed the most tragic and awful of anyone in the series, from the moment he was born Gaara was deeply hated. His own Mother who gave birth to him even hated him for the fact that she was made a sacrifice for him, she would die cursing at him. The name Gaara itself is telling of his personality trait as it means "A demon who only loves himself". The name was chosen for him by his Mother who wished and believed he was only to fight for his sake and love only himself, and by doing so he would live on forever. This gesture was not done out of love for Gaara but rather in hopes that Gaara would live on to carry her grudge.

As a child things only got worse for Gaara. Always alone no child would dare play with him, every time he tried with the nicest smile that his tortured soul could possibly show everyone would run off screaming, screaming in fear as they believed him to be a moster that would kill them. This was only fuelled several times when out of a panicked self defense his sand barrier nearly killed a few of the children, which was no fault of Gaara. The only friend Gaara was able to find was in Yashamaru, the only person who really tried to love Gaara, the only one to calm him when he was sad, and give him advice.

This all changed when one night sitting alone, trying to understand the purpose in life, he was attacked by a single ninja. This was a foolish thing for the attacker to do as Gaara had no problem defending himself with a deadly attack that crushed the masked opponent. When Gaara unmasked the assailant he discovered that it was none other than the person who he considered a friend, Yashamaru! Yashamaru explained that he had received an order from Gaara's father, the Kazekage of the Hidden Sand Village, to kill Gaara. Absolutely terrified, backed into his last bit of sanity Gaara stated that Yashamaru was forced to attack him. Yashamaru would only destroy this hypothesis by telling Gaara that this was only a last refuge, he could have refused the order but deep down he has always resented Gaara. He continued on saying Gaara had never been loved by anyone, not his Father, not his Mother, he was only an experiment made by the village to try and take control over the awesome power of the one tailed demon inside of Gaara, but he was a failure, and therefore the failure had to be killed. Even on the brink of death Yashamaru tried once more to kill Gaara, blowing himself up, but not killing Gaara. Following this Gaara began to believe that the only reason to live was to love himself and annihilate all who lived.

Gaara continued on that path of grief until he was in combat with Naruto, this made him make a drastically for the best. He began to understand that to live on and not be lonely anymore, he had to make connections with others. And that's exactly what he did. Following his Father's footsteps Gaara would become the Kazekage of of the Sand and began to be appreciated by others in return, he began to appreciate them and he was finally able to love, but more importantly, receive love. The group Akatsuki had other plans for Gaara, though. Sending one of their members to the Sand, they captured him because they have a need to take control of the demon sealed within him. The future of Gaara is unclear, was he killed? Only time will tell what happened to this lonely soul.

Gaara's fighting style is primarily composed of an almost impenetrable defense, for his sand shield automatically activates as soon as there is a present threat. When Gaara attacks the enemy, he does so very viciously, using his sand to bind the enemy and to crush him until he falls apart. Aside from this technique Gaara really doesn't move much in battle, nor does he use Taijutsu or Genjutsu, as he has never needed them in his life at all. When Gaara has a deep desire to crush his adversary he calls upon the Shukaku and his fighting style completely changed. Shukaku can be invoked either partially or completely, making Gaara many times stronger each time the demon is allowed to grow stronger, he becomes very fast and tricky. The automatic sand defense is deactivated but instead is replaced by something even more deadlier, for the body of the one tailed demon completely covers him and therefore protects his own body. Even better is the ability of the demon to regenerate. Finally things get really deadly when Gaara completely awakens the demon inside of him by putting himself to sleep with a jutsu. In that state Gaara can even stand up to the toughest summoned creatures.
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Sabaku No Gaara
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