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 My days at Camp !!!

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Anko Mitarashi


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PostSubject: My days at Camp !!!   Fri Oct 12, 2007 11:07 pm

on the pleading of Itachi-sama and Kakashi-san i will post my days at camp! read if you like....

SOoo okay I was sooo friken tired and the girls (theres a girl and boy cabin seperate) wouldn't sleep/ shut the hell up

So alright" i said got up and went over to the boys cabin and told my friend to shove over a bit of grumbling and he moved (Btw the counsellors sleep in another cabin FAR AWAY from ours) got in bed and was about to go to sleep...

BUT the little friken bastards one of them got up to go piss and guess who was his piss buddy my friend. SOOOO the guys like shaking him to wake him up,, the shaking makes me fall off the bed and pissed me off sooo, there i am telling and the guy's doing the pee-pee dance.

so he says "I nedd to go piss" i sigh and agreed to go with him, we go to the guys washroom he pisses i turn my back and yawn, we go back. SOOO im like half-awake , I.GET.IN.THE.WRONG.BED!

finally i get to sleep next mroning the guy wakes up and looks at me then yells "holy mother FU***** shit " right i wake up and im like " HolY MOTHER f******* COWPATTIES!!!" and i kick the guy outta the bed and the guys down there asking for his towel which was hanging offa the bed, I look at him and the little shits nude so im gagging my friends laughing and the guys trying to cover up .

I go back to get changed and the girls glare at me interrogating where i was and called me bitch the whole friken time, so I ignore them and the guys go out I got out we have a group hug for some reason then soem one tries to kick another and we all fall down.

Then the (fat) girls (im serious and they call me fat ha!) squealing on the sidelines we wreastle a bit then get up.

That night all the (fat) girls were on one bunk (its gonna fall i thought everytime one moved the bunk creaked)....well trying to get on one bunk the counsellors come tell us its time ot sleep,
waited an hour and went to the guys dorm witht he girls insisting in following me.

I go in tell me buddy to shove over and get ready to sleep but nooooo the furls were squealing over going in or not, the whole guys dorm wakes up after telling the girls to f*** themselves we decided to drag our mattresses on the floor and use each other stomaches fo pillows that morning I got bakc to the girls dorms the firls were sucking up and I flipped the bird at them.
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Minako Yuki


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PostSubject: Re: My days at Camp !!!   Fri Oct 12, 2007 11:28 pm

continuation for anko *giggle* I can read minds even' if I'm far away... Joking Itachi-san told me to do this (I'm not anko)

next morning the girls started stalking me, watching me everywhere!!!
The Camp dog (oh she's such a sweet thing X3), a black labador retriver called misty (she doesn't ususlly bark at people, only cats and other animals) she came running between me and the fatty girls. She started barking and snapping at the girl's heels untill they ran away squeeling lumbering thier oversized bodies. Misty came back and I pet her all over X3 the guys came over too and did the same thing.


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Itachi Uchiha

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PostSubject: Re: My days at Camp !!!   Sat Oct 13, 2007 2:05 pm



[open spoiler for full view]

CountUchiha Yes that's me

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PostSubject: Re: My days at Camp !!!   Sun Oct 14, 2007 11:42 pm

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PostSubject: Re: My days at Camp !!!   

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My days at Camp !!!
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