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 Helping Out Kumogakure

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PostSubject: Helping Out Kumogakure   Helping Out Kumogakure Icon_minitimeWed Aug 25, 2010 2:28 pm

Kura being Kura, wanted to help out a neighboring village. "Heh.." she walked around a bit surprised, it didn't seem they were doing the best. Being a ninja was quite difficult as people tended to rely on you after a while, however, she had her own matters to worry about. Walking around some more, she saw a small group of children crying, she has seen that look before...death. She concluded their parents were probably killed, the shinobi life, harsh.

Walking up to the children she crouched down and looked at them. "Hey..what's wrong now..?" she asked in a motherly tone as the two children looked to her. "I want mommy and daddy!" they wailed making Kura take them into a gentle embrace. "Shh....calm down young one.." she said stroking their hair and wiping the tears away. "Come with me...I will keep you until you calm down.." she stated taking the children by the hand and leading them away.

Continuing with the children, there was an open area that she decided to let them rest. "Now...are you guys hungry?" she asked gently not wanting them to continue crying. Sitting them down along with herself, she took some sandwhiches from her backpack and gave them to the kids. "Eat, I'll make something more substantial when we get to the apartment..but for now..this will do.." it was more like an order how she said this, but she had to be strict with the kids.
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Helping Out Kumogakure
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