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 Kita Kiyoshi (complete)

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Kita Kiyoshi (complete) Left_bar_bleue100/100Kita Kiyoshi (complete) Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)
Kita Kiyoshi (complete) Left_bar_bleue100/100Kita Kiyoshi (complete) Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)
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Kita Kiyoshi (complete) Left_bar_bleue100/100Kita Kiyoshi (complete) Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)

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PostSubject: Kita Kiyoshi (complete)   Kita Kiyoshi (complete) Icon_minitimeFri Oct 23, 2009 1:55 pm

A secondary character you should like.

Kita Kiyoshi (complete) Bleach_madness_Ichigo_by_Red_Priest_Usada

Name: Kiyoshi
First name: Kita or Kin
Age: 14
Birthday: July 16
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 60 kg

Village: Sunagakure, Wind Country. Originally from Zoukei, a poverty filled village.
Favorite food: Ichigo Daifuku : Japanese sweet cake with strawberry and anko filling.


Kita is pretty fast for his age, and able to put up a challenge when he fights. His fighting style is mainly punches and kicks that aren't really a certain style. Gang fighting is more his style. And he is also smart enough to really prove a battle of wits. For somebody who belongs to a slavery clan, he has an excellent use of chakra control that shows he should be training in an academy. The boy also knows weaponry and electronics and is keen to using them to his advantage. Most of all, he may have ties to a secret in his clan that involves a bijuu.....

Class: Civillian
Physical description:
(yes that is Ichigo Kurosaki. is there anything wrong with using a Bleach Character?? O_O)

The Kiyoshi family never had any real traits, probably because they rarely inbreeded like all the other families. Instead, they married those who have be defranchised (stripped of their nationality) and by that do not worry about more relatives. But there has been a case of family influence, like Goro and Aoi.

He has a lean, more speed made body, that is 5'9'' and 60 kg. Kita's skin is a slightly tanned color, since he has been out in the sun a while, but he prefers to go in the shadows. The blood of the Kiyoshi possibly, since a theif works better in the dark than the light. A bit of a lethal person, although he doesn't look much he has enough power at hand to actually cause damage. Like all the Kiyoshis, he is more of a taijutsu user than a ninjutsu master. Most of the time his body is surrounded with bandages, probably from the fights he keeps getting hiself into. (the guy won't give up) These bandages sometimes take the form of a shirt since he sometimes goes shirtless. His eyes are a dark brown, a common feature of the Kiyoshi. Unlike the black hair seen in the older generation of Kiyoshi, he has orange, spikier hair. This sometimes makes him seem like a complete punk. A tatoo of a dragon is on his back.


Clothing regularly consists of anything he finds out on the street. Pants are usually stolen since he might not be able to find anything his size. A lot of the time he also wears accessories like rings, necklaces and whatever else that is seen. One thing to look out for is that his clothes are usually ripped in a few places, showing the bandages a lot. At least two belts are found on his body somewhere, be it on the shirt or around the waist.

Temper: You'll find that out once you meet him. But he is very loyal and determined, although he's quite expressionless. >__<
Strong point: Read Powers....
Weakness: He is no ninja, meaning he won't really be able to use jutsu until he gets some real training.

Humble Beginnings

Well, I'm guessing we'd need to start back to the past, when the Kiyoshi family worked for a more...higher calling. They never really had a high calling actually, more of a medium-low calling. Anyways, no matter what calling you can describe, they started out as basically servants or (if you wanna be even more specific) slaves. Slaves for a typical rich, posh family living far away in Enkaku Village, Wind Country. The people they served we shall not state their full name but instead go by with what the Kiyoshi family called them...Baka. As you can see, Baka means idiot, and so you get a good idea of how much the Kiyoshi family actually liked their leaders. So basically the Baka family ruled the Kiyoshi family and made them do all the jobs needed to be done. That included some pretty nasty jobs which I do not want to even try speaking of since it is so horrible. The Baka family took away their home, their nationality, basically defranchising them into mere puppets for them to use. They took so much away, but they never could destroy their love for each other and the joy they tried to give to one another. In fact, they even sang songs during work. Songs of freedom was the usual tune going through the house and slave quarters. One song they sang scared the Baka family, since it seemed to speak of plans to run away. So they set up more jobs and less time for relaxing, but it still did not take the soul of freedom away from the Kiyoshis. The Kiyoshi in their spare time entertained each other to liven everyone up. Sometimes they smuggled things from the house so they could create something out of it. Materials such as fabric and wood constantly went missing, but nobody in Enkaku would know as info rarely left the slave quarters.

It was one day when the Baka family broke the line. One of the members, a man with a very short temper, was watching the slaves working. He wanted to see if anything suspicious was going on, for there had been yet another missing piece of fabric lost. High suspicion of the slaves doing this plagued the man's mind. So the Baka watched and waited. Over time, the silence made both the slaves and the Baka impatient. Nothing had been happening except work for hours. One adult starting singing 'You Can't Take Me I'm Free' and many joined. Of course, the Baka's temper was now at stake as he watched. The singing bothered him, especially the lyrics. To him, the Kiyoshi family were trying to plan something through the song's lyrics. As he thought, one of the slaves stumbled near the man. The Baka thought the boy was attacking and he swung at the innocent child, holding the kid by the throat and pulling out a dagger. Snarling, he threatened to kill the child if any of the slaves came near. Desperately, the Kiyoshi tried to explain it was an accident, trying to keep the madman from killing their relative. Finally the Baka released the child and demanded them to work without a sound. Although the family remained quiet, they started to think that it was high time that they should leave this house.

So they planned on it. Fabric and wood were soon shaped into spears and weapons. Rocks were sharpened each free time they got, and soon the family had fashioned weapons to take down the Bakas. At the day that they planned to strike and run, something unplanned happened. Bandits attacked the house and killed a handfull of the Baka family before kidnapping the Kiyoshi. Hardly able to struggle, some of the men were killed instantly. Some women were speared through if they fought to protect their children, and children were thrown on a wagon (chained of course) and moved away. Nobody could stop the bandits since the screams were muffled by gags and most of the slaves had been killed. The children, two women and only one man watched as their lives were taken away from them. A long journey was made and the bandits took them to Zoukei, since the city was abandoned and controllable at the time.

The slaves were put to work in theivery. Bandits used them for new recruits to the gang and taught them rebellous ways. In a way, you would think that the bandits were good guys for allowing the family to start anew and become trained in the art of theivery. But the children were still put to work to gather the oil this town was made for. All of the adults were sent to raid any neighboring villages in sight. This killed the last male adult of the family, since he was caught in Sunagakure trying to steal weaponry. Killed by jounin, he was no ninja. Seeing the problem that none of the Kiyoshi were trained to use jutsu even though their chakra was high enough for it, the bandits started enrolling some of the kids into Sunagakure's Academy. They hid the name of the Kiyoshi by calling the kids as the Aomori clan instead of their true surnames. Soon, better trained and more expierienced theives showed up in the village, and once the academy learned that the bandits were controlling these peoples, they banished the 'Aomori' name from the academy until the bandits were arrested.

Once the bandits were arrested, the Kiyoshi were officially free. But having no money, no food or water and having to live in Zoukei, everyone began to go insane. In the nick of time people began to show up in Zoukei again. A whole new system was made and the Kiyoshi became one of the hard working peoples living in the poverty-filled nation. However, a lot of them sent their children as slaves as the generations in their family grew. Apparently a whole system of their own showed up in the village as they became more and more bandit like. Until finally we have who they are today, a clan of bandits working in Zoukei that have set up their own base. The current leader of this clan is Iwate Kiyoshi.

A Father Like Figure

Now that you know the history of the family, I'm sure you'd be thinking that everyone in there is a bad guy. Or maybe you are thinking that they are good guys since well, they need to survive and how can you do it when you have no money and most of the members know a little about the Ninja arts? Actually, most of the family are potential shinobi, which is what really sets them apart from normal civillians. If you read on, you'll learn of Kita's father and how this all ties into Kita himself.

Kita's father was a descendent of the man who had been killed in Sunagakure. His mother's chakra was the only way he could acess shinobi arts and he could never learn the arts quickly. In fact, he had to be taught the arts by one of the generations that learned the academy art from Sunagakure. Training hard, he could only master a few ninjutsu before developing his skill in taijutsu. Taijutsu was the clan's best since they hardly knew the advanced ninjutsu. Kita's father was quite skilled, and he was best friends with Iwate Kiyoshi. The two had a rivalry though, which caused them to compete for the most petty of things. Sometimes they even competed when trying to gather oil, which ended up in oil-fights and sometimes even dogpiles. Of course, they both were the ideal people to be chosen by the leader, Fumatsu Kiyoshi.

Iwate and Kita's father, who's name was Goro by the way, found themselves the best of friends for a long time. One day Goro fell in love with a woman he met in Sunagakure while stealing. Her name was Aoi, and she had taken his heart in romance. Iwate disapproved of the idea, saying that Goro should not marry a rich woman, since the clan had always been poor. A rich woman would stop the clan's buisness and possibly threaten Zoukei. Iwate's response from Goro was a mere shrug. He said that love had no bounds and that it was time the clan would arise from this poverty. Soon, Iwate and Goro saw each other less and less, as Goro and Aoi fell more deeply in love. One day, their love was sealed with marriage, and that broke the final straw for Iwate. In his anger, he raided his own house and made a camp on the other side of the village, so Goro could not find him. Camped out, he developed a plan. Goro found Aoi pregnant and they celebrated, but celebrations were far from Iwate, who was speaking to Fumatus on who was to be chosen. More anger hit when Goro was going to be chosen. Quickly, Iwate fled the scene, too angered for words. It was as if his life were floating away before him.

Hatred for Goro and Aoi became very open. It was one night when Goro was found dead on his doorstep, stabbed to death by a dagger. Nobody knew who did it, but some say Iwate had allowed jealousy to control him. Since Fumatsu now didn't have Goro to become a heir, he allowed Iwate to become the leader. Aoi was left crying, wishing for her own death.....

Kita's Segment

We've seen the story of the clan and his father, now what about Kita himself? This is sure to be small, but let's try to add as much detail as possible.

Aoi had been wishing for her death on her last few months of pregnancy. Every pain she felt was like a knife without anyone to comfort her now that Goro was gone. Iwate tried to soothe her, as did some of her friends from Sunagakure. But nothing would work. It was like she had lost everything. And she had almost. If she didn't have Kita at the time, she would've commited suicide much earlier. I guess that is how much love can burn when gone. It can take the very life away. As everyone learned when she gave birth to Kita. She barely had time to name him before she passed away, leaving Kita alone. He had to be nursed by another woman, and he'd never know his own parents. Nursed and kept by other members of the Kiyoshi, he was told that he was Iwate's son to hide him from his true past.

He was always a little more silent than the rest of the clan, but he smiled and meant well. People treated him okay and he didn't complain at all for the time he lived with the rest of the clan. He was 8 when an oil spill started in Zoukei and all the children had to evacuate. On a wagon, he was supposed to go to Konoha and be dropped in Tanzaku town, but a sand storm got in the way. He though he saw somebody in the sand and ran to help them. Result: he got lost in the storm and nearly drowned in the sand. But he survived by dragging hiself to Sunagakure. In Suna, he found hiself learning the streets.

By now he knows the streets like the back of his hand and has become a civillian. Soon he will try to enroll into the academy. Until then, he is collecting money by doing the odd job and training to get in. Becoming a theif again, he is trying to survive. His emotions and social activity have hardened since he misses his clan and doesn't know where everyone else is. In fact, he doesn't know if anybody has survived the oil spill or the sand storm. And he hardly knows his own family, adding more discomfort to his list. He's about 14 now.

A Strange New Sensei

Kita had encountered many people in his life time, after living off the streets for the longest time. However, nothing would prepare him for what came next in his life. After turning 15, and making a living as a blacksmith, he was once again awakened to the shinobi arts when a stranger came to town. The name of this stranger? Raiden. Raiden was a missing-nin recently back into villages for good behavior. Apparently he had become a missing-nin after learning a forbidden genjutsu. One that interested Kita.

He was soon encountered by this missing-nin turned jounin again and was soon invited to an apprenticeship with Raiden. Raiden accepted him without need for real introduction, for he thought of the boy as....strong enough. Raiden seemed to possess a strange behavior over the years, one that put him on the borderline of total insanity. Kita's seriousness prevented his new sensei from losing it, and Raiden's skill and strangeness kept the pair from becoming too serious.

Kita is now no longer exactly under Raiden's teachings however, since Kita was able to actually take teaching from the academy and Raiden went separate ways. I'll still rpg Raiden, since I like his character. ^__^

Rp Sample:
The storm was hitting hard on Sunagakure. Lightning crackled in the sky, followed by the boom of thunder. It was cold and windy. Suna had many extremes when it chose a certain weather condition. One day it was hot, the next it was like this. And of course, everyone acted accordingly by hiding inside their houses and locking the doors with a click. Nobody wanted to face that kind of rain. It was crazy to even try going out into that kind of rain. Many animals living in the village chose to hide inside cracks of buildings, birds burrowing themselves in whatever they could find. More crackling lightning shot around the village, and almost everybody were thinking that it was going to hit them this time. That their houses would be fried by the unforgiving electricity. Nobody really knew what the animals were thinking, but it could be similar. If only they knew how lucky they were to be small enough to fit inside the cracks. If only the humans knew how lucky they were to be rich enough to have shelter to hide in.

He was racing through the weather, dodging the worried glances people would give from their windows. His long legs were at full speed as he bolted through the streets, using his arms to protect his head from getting wet. It didn't matter, he was soaked to the bone right now. Trembling as the cold got to him rather easily, he tried to shake off the weather by running even more. He wasn't even wearing a raincoat. More like a bunch of bandages covered by black pants and a gray hoodie. The hood was pulled up, spiked orange bangs showing only a little under the fabric as it nearly covered his full forehead. Shoes were non-existant, he wasn't even wearing socks. Cold chills raced as he stepped into a puddle. It was a wonder how he could hold hiself together even though he was racing through this extreme weather. Every boom of thunder however made him look up, fear on his face as he looked for the strike that sounded so close. Brown eyes searched for an open door, an offer of shelter. He'd probably turn down the offer, but that wasn't what his mind was trying to tell him. In fact it was the opposite.

Still rushing, he tripped over a rock and fell on the cobblestone, face splashing into a puddle. Many people watching him gasped. Picking hiself up, he cursed as he realized one of his wounds from earlier had opened up. His knee was now shedding blood again. Kita hated storms, and he hated the thunder the most. Picking hiself up, he winced in pain. Taking one of the bandages from his arm and tying it around the wound, he covered the knee with his pant leg again and started running again. Spotting something in the distance, he started to smirk. The local tavern was open, and there wasn't many people there. Seeing this as a chance to get away from the storm, he made a beeline for the open door. Rushing in, completely soaked once more, he took a look at his surroundings.

The first thing that hit him was the smell of alcohol and cigars. Chatter about the storm reached his ears. Sighing, he recognized a few of the voices. Some of these people had offered him food before. Like he was going to take the food. He was 14, and he had been here ever since he was 8 years old. He could probably take care of hiself by now. Staring around, he was glad he had made it into this place. The stony floor clacked as he walked around. Finally he sat down in the chair at the corner, immersed in shadows. In the shadows, nobody was going to question him. At least he hoped nobody would question what he was doing here. Maybe his looks could pass him as 21? Not likely, but as long as the shadows and the hoodie kept him looking older, he'd be perfectly fine here. Sighing, he placed his head on the table and closed his eyes.

''Hey look. He's all wet.'' Somebody chuckled from across. More laughter, then Kita looked up. Two brawny men were staring down at him. They seemed to be enjoying the fact he was soaked. Kita raised an eyebrow and hid any other expression on his face. He was troubled by the smirking faces. Were they drunk?

''So?'' He muttered as he tried to keep from losing any temper.

''So?'' The man repeated, not helping Kita's temper at all. ''You must've ran a long way haven't you?''

''What if I have?'' Kita wasn't wanting to tell any real info to this guy. It didn't feel like this man was completely sober. In fact, the second man was wobbling.

''Then you're too tired to fight if I go and punch ya!'' The brawny man yelled as he threw a punch at Kita's head. Kita dodged rather easily, shifting in the chair so he could leap up when the next punch was thrown. This must've angered the brawny guys as they tried again. This time Kita merely leaped up. He dodged the man's punch yet again and smirked. ''Wasting my time.'' He cooed as the man tried to hit him again. Kita leaped from the table to the ground and walked several paces to get ready for another punch. Suddenly he was pulled back. Looking to the table he realized his hoodie had caught on the wood. Not good. Kita could tell the two men were going to tackle him if he didn't do something.

An idea then sweapt through his mind. If he could use the table to his advantage. He placed both palms on the table behind him, facing the men about to collide with him. In ten seconds he shifted his weight and pulled up, kicking the men with his legs as he proceeded to handstand. His sleeve unwrapped from the table and his balance quickly dropped. He fell back on the table with a groan.

''That went....well.'' He said as he pulled hiself up from the table again and stared at the men on the ground wincing in pain. Looking over them, he leaned down and stuck his tounge out. A childish habit. Walking away, the man grabbed his ankle and pulled him down.

And the fighting went on......
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Kita Kiyoshi (complete)
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