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PostSubject: IRL STORIES!!!   Sat Jun 13, 2009 7:11 pm

~On the Bus~
Haichu: Okay well let's first say. I HATE TREVOR!! He's a *beep* up little *beep* and I would kill him but he's a friend to my friend >.>
Kura: you really hate trevor that much?
Haichu: yeah that son of a *beep* i hate him so *beep* much!
Kura: why?
Haichu: cause hes a mother*beep* *beep* who keeps *beeping* messing with me and thinks hes a *beep* *beep* guy!
Kura: well I think you could challenge Hidan to the trophy for, "The most times the word @#$% is used in a sentence" -.-'
Haichu: well *beep* Trevor is a *beep* *Beep*
Kura: >_< well then, calm down we're almost at the class
Haichu: OH MY *beep* GOD!!! A *beep* *beep* STOLE MY COOKIE!!!!
kura: O_O *sits in front of the bus*
~Arrives at the Place~
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