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 The Darker Side Of Kura

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PostSubject: The Darker Side Of Kura   Sun May 31, 2009 4:59 pm

It all started a long time ago. Kura was a nice
person but she was different. Since she was, people always hated her.
Her unique power were called vectors, which only people like her could
see. The elementalists all had these vectors which allowed them to use
at their will within a certain area. These hands were powerful enough
to rip heads and limbs off the body with ease. However, the
elementalists are somewhat two-faced, when faced with danger, instinct
brings out their more aggresive side allowing them to use their vectors
for killing.

Kagai, or the other side of Kura was walking down
the sound village killing mostly anyone in her way. Their were many
disassembled bodies laying around where she was almost like a killing
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The Darker Side Of Kura
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