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 ur my lover

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PostSubject: ur my lover   Tue Apr 21, 2009 9:31 am

well.... i have this Big crush on this one person. his name is ..... wolfraine- he is on project anyways.... i started to ask him questions, some were to make his u-no-what hard & some that were personal! he , then found out that i was dissin' his girl, and he told me to just stop talking to him! i later found out that he had also broken up with his chick. i went to talk to him & i found this suicide type poem.... and i was upset with him& i felt sorry to! he mentioned that suicide " is for bastards and bitches that hurt themselves!" when i saw that , i just started to bawl!!!! i had just realized that i hurt him... so badly, that i im'd him, saying that i will committ suicide! And i never heard from him again!!!!!!!!! so.... i , after a few days, i went on and couldn't help, but notice taht he responded..... and it wasn't exactly what i had wanted!! he just started crursing me out , and i was like pissed at him! i even replyed, saying: waht the F***..... you bitch!!!!! i wil fuckin killl you! well.... i still love you!!!!!!!!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: ur my lover   Tue Apr 21, 2009 4:47 pm

Madara go ahead and tell I don't care but I have today this

First of 'kura' don't freaking try to online date! It just shows how desperate you are, go get a boyfriend and stop trying to do those kind of things. Second don't you ever fucking say your commuting suicide and lie about it!! It's fucking insulting to people like me!!! I tried committing suicide and I have some Emo friends!!! I only haven't died cause of the real kura not a phony and zak! I shot my foot instead if my head thanks to kura and zak talked me out of and second time I barely made it by cutting my neck!! Lastly stop acting like some child!! If you were human you should be able to tell if your hurting or annoying people!! If you cared or something leave them alone!! I had enough freaking excuses int he world and this is one of them!! Suck it up and don't lie! You don't get respect and if you wallow in self Pitt then you are more pathetic then anyone I know!
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ur my lover
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