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 Mission Failure

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PostSubject: Mission Failure   Mission Failure Icon_minitimeSat Apr 18, 2009 6:19 pm

Kira was sent in a mission that was supposed to be simple. However, it was more compliicated for this involved innocent people doing what they had to do for their family.

Kira ran through the streets as it was snowing. "hello?" she whispered into an ok house where the mission was supposed to be. There was a sudden roar from the inside which startled her. To large to he a normal animal. She catiously walked inside but then something leaped at her. Kira jumped back defending herself from the creature before lighting the are up to see. The roar continued as it was probably another shadow demon. Recently there were complaints all over the nation about them. thankfully kira knew a friend who could help in these situation so she went to an opening to summon. "summoning jutsu!" she muttered slamming her hand down in the ground.
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Mission Failure
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