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 Arrival Back From the Void

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PostSubject: Arrival Back From the Void   Arrival Back From the Void Icon_minitimeFri Apr 03, 2009 9:31 am

Kira walked around the area as her life had been so empty living in the void for so long. She was back though, and looking for someone. During other years she had to look for an answer, but it was impossible to find.

"So many memories here...." she thought looking around at the trees.

Kira then walked around then to an opening where on the tree she wrote her name on it and beneath it a dragon. She let out a sigh and sat let her fingers trace the tree.

"You have to remember this place...right?" a voice called from behind.

Kira turned around to see her sister standing there smiling as she seemed full of life even as a ghost.

"You'll always be there won't you...." Kira almost choked out hardly able to see her sister.

Arika smiled and sat next to Kira. Kira sighed as she lost her sister during the war and didn't want her to keep appearing. The memories of the war itself was enough to haunt her for the rest of her life.
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Arrival Back From the Void
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