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 The Hidden Life...

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PostSubject: The Hidden Life...   The Hidden Life... Icon_minitimeSun Mar 15, 2009 12:26 pm

Before we begin, this story was based for several friends, and I haven't changed this story, though I made it a while back. Here is the opening for this.

A long time ago there was a girl named Kira Uchiha. She was a kind hearted person who was a different Uchiha compared to all these others. She was also one of the first Uchiha’s to even exist, along with Madara Uchiha. When they were young they grew up together, they were always happy to be with each other, and had a special bond that would last forever. When the ninja wars came along they were naturally by the others’ side to keep each another safe. Madara’s younger brother was also in the war, however, he died for the sake of his brother, knowing that Kira would also be devastated if Madara would have died. During the later years, the founder of the Hokage, was established, which pushed all the Uchiha’s in a corner and they couldn’t rebel. Soon after Kira disappeared and Madara as well, then the main Uchiha’s were wondering where they could have left too. Later years followed as Itachi, an Uchiha himself found out about Madara continuing to live, even after the great fight at the falls. Kira also then reappeared in the Leaf village, though no one could understand her identity later known as Koura. While Madara has been in the Akatsuki, planning out to destroy the leaf, Kira has been wondering the area learning more about the world and gaining more power and knowledge. For back then Madara and herself made a promise to one another, promising they would be together after making the world a better place. Koura currently resides as a retired ninja at the Leaf Village, yet is acting merely as an ANBU there, to cover up as she leads her own organization called, ‘Shinku’ which means Crimson, the color for the blood. As for Madara, he is in the Akatsuki known as Tobi, and has been watching as the capture of the tailed demons take action to bring peace to the pitiful world.
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The Hidden Life...
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