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 Looking For the Right Potion...

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PostSubject: Looking For the Right Potion...   Thu Mar 12, 2009 8:26 pm

Destiny was looking through the greenhouse for a rare herb that was used for healing. She examined each plant carefully and then thought of what the plant looked like. She kept the same face and carefully plucked one from the ground before walking over to a table and cutting it into small pieces mixing a small amount into a vial of water and then added silver dust. Carefully, she mixed the potion and the water turned a brilliant blue color. Destiny wrote some notes down on a piece of paper near by.

"Alright, one fourth of a teaspoon of herb D turns the water blue, when adding half a teaspoon of silver dust...this then will turn out to be a medical potion which allows to heal almost any flesh wound..."she thought writing all this down.

Next she took another plant and carefully did the same except took a knife out cutting her finger letting a few drops of blood hit the water as the potion turned a deep purple color which seemed to steam.

"When adding blood to the potion, it turns the sample into a poisonous mixture which could kill a normal human being with at least a half a cup..." she continued to think while writing all this down.

She continued these experiments for a while until she saw the sun setting as she stopped to take a quick break. Destiny then looked around before thinking about what she still has to do in the sand before leaving.
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Looking For the Right Potion...
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