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 Leaving.[Friends Only](My friends, Not Kura's)

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PostSubject: Leaving.[Friends Only](My friends, Not Kura's)   Wed Jan 28, 2009 2:14 pm

I took my hat off as I looked back on everything, I was going to my old group, the Sacred Flames, instead of going back to the village. This was my decision and mine alone. I closed my eyes as I took out my ocarina and played one last song. I opened my eyes looking at the old gateway and used my Amaterasu on it which opened a portal. I then waved my necklace as I was teleported in and the gate closed.

"I will do this, and do this alone if I must..."

I landed in no where as fog lightly covered the floor. "You made it..." a voice echoed as I knew who it was. Kura came out from the shadows and I looked at her. "Yes, one way or another..." I sighed. "Are the others here?" I asked curioiusly. "Yes, follow me..." she wavered as she walked away me closely behind.

"Either way...this is for their safety...."

We entered a room where I saw all the faces of people I knew and bowed. "Deathy..." I said she nodded lightly. We sat down and I remained quiet. "So, you all know why we are here...?" Kura asked softly looking around and everyone nodded. She nodded as light filled the room and a map in the table appeared.
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Leaving.[Friends Only](My friends, Not Kura's)
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