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 Character sheet rules

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Minako Yuki

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Character sheet
Character sheet rules Left_bar_bleue100/100Character sheet rules Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)
Character sheet rules Left_bar_bleue100/100Character sheet rules Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)
Shinobi EXP:
Character sheet rules Left_bar_bleue85/100Character sheet rules Empty_bar_bleue  (85/100)

Character sheet rules Empty
PostSubject: Character sheet rules   Character sheet rules Icon_minitimeThu Oct 09, 2008 7:01 pm


To activate your character sheet just go to your profile and click "character sheets".

there are three fields :

HP: Health points- you run out you die

Chakara: Spiritual energy- you run low you are unable to fight, run out and you die

Shinobi EXP: your Ninja Experience points- helps you gain ranks & lets others know what your level is.

These three fields must be filled in correctly according to below

HP: set to 100
Chakara: set to 100
Shinobi EXP: set to 100

Please not that you may not go over the limit

Your EXP depends on your groups. Please fill it in:

Student 10
Genin 20
Chunin 30
Jonin 40
Special Jonin 45
Medical nin 50
Anbu 60
Missing nin 65
Sanin 70
S-ranked Criminal 80
High Class 85
Demon 90
Hokage 100
Immortal/Undead 100

Have Fun! Very Happy

P.S. There is also a little box where you can upload a picture of your character


Character sheet rules MY

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Character sheet rules
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