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 Kagai's training with Kura's power!

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Kagai's training with Kura's power! Left_bar_bleue100/100Kagai's training with Kura's power! Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)
Kagai's training with Kura's power! Left_bar_bleue100/100Kagai's training with Kura's power! Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)
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Kagai's training with Kura's power! Left_bar_bleue100/100Kagai's training with Kura's power! Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)

Kagai's training with Kura's power! Empty
PostSubject: Kagai's training with Kura's power!   Kagai's training with Kura's power! Icon_minitimeSun Oct 05, 2008 10:03 pm

I watched from the darkness of myself as Kagai was experimenting with my powers. I growled as she activated my powers and Haichu's.

"Kura get used to it...we are trapped here and Kagai has all the power of you, me and your other forms..."Haichu muttered.

'Haichu......I don't care anymore......she was right....I had no brother was never there for one ever was...I was alwyas I guess we are all on the same page. I mumbled, the darkness making me feel terrible.

"Now, now Kura, I will give you chances for you to get your revenge as soon as I get mine...." Kagai sat next to me. I didn't move but nodded my eyes cold. She disappeared and me and Haichu watched as she began to blow the area up.

Kagai went to the mist village killing hundreds, thousands, millions so simply withing seconds as more bodies fell. I didn't care I just watched almost amused as she waved her hand as the ocean wiped out towns. She then clapped her hands using a wave of sounds of thunder making people scream in pain. Kagai then laughed as she sent people into the different mangekyou's making people suffer before drowing them. After she seemed satisfied she went to another city burning it down withing a minute. "Too easy...." Kagai sneered as she took down ANBU's without needing to move. "KUra!? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?"Kuro yelled. Kagai laughed as she ran to him kicking him into the tree with vampire speed. Kuro landed on his feet looking up shocked. Rose and Keyleb then appeared behind him and Skye in front. "Kuro that isn't Kura...its Kagai..." Skye growled. "HAHAHA You think you can stop me!? NOt even Kura's team and your team would be able to leave a scratch!!!" Kagai mocked waving her hand trees falling on them. Rose flew up and made handsigns, "Blaze of glory!" she mumbled blowing out fire where Kagai was but she easily dodged it appearing behind her kicking her at Keyleb. He caught her and jumped at Kagai attempting to punch Kagai but she caught his hand with ease throwing him down. Tsuki, Kina and Yumi then caught Keyleb. Skye growled and Tsuki turned into a werewolf alone with Skye. Keyleb, Rose, Kina and Yumi were already in their vampire forms ready to attack.

'They really think they can bring Kagai down....pathetic...'I laughed.

"Ill take it easy on them for now alright? Kagai laughed menacingly. I then laughed bitterly watching from the darkness.

Tsuki ran at Kagai and then Skye followed. Keyleb and Rose then flew up and made a jolt of wind come down on Kagai as Yumi and Kina blew black fire at Kagai. "Weak!" Kagai roared as she grabbed Tsuki and took out 50 kunia stabbing them into her body. Skye was now furious and jumped and Kagai but she stabbed him as well throwing them back. They disappeared as clones. The fire flickered against Kagai's skin and stared at them all. "Afraid to hurt me!? Afraid to hurt Kura's body!?" she laughed amused and stared. "If you don't try to kill me then youll never see another day!!!" She roared grabbing Keyleb slamming him down to the ground. He gagged and pushed her off. "Heh Im not even trying!" she hissed.

'Careful too much strength will just make them explode! I laughed becoming colder every minute, uncaring.

"Yeah almost Keyleb died!!! Kagai laughed with me. FOr some reason I didn't seem to care if my friends got cared, it was like everything could go into flames and I could care less.

"KURA SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!"Kina yelled. "PLEASE WAKE UP!!!" she yelled crying. "YOUR OUR FRIEND I DON'T WANT TO LOOSE YOU TO THAT MONSTER!!!" she yelled again. "How think thats going to help her? She could care less if you died!" Kagai laughed making a crater with a step. Kina gave her a shocked look and began shaking. Tsuki hugged her and glared at Kagai. "We won't believe you! We know Kura better than you ever will!!!"Tsuki fumed as Skye healed Kuro and Keyleb. Rose gave me a glare knowing it was true. "Oh really? From what Kura says, she wants everyone dead!!!" Kagai said putting it in her words. They stared in disbelief. Kagai laughed again blowing a whistle and 5 dragons came charging at them. tsuki put up a shield and defended them from the dragons. "WE WILL BE BACK I SWEAR IT!!!!!" Tsuki screamed as they disappeared. " run away like that..." Kagai snorted as she ran around killing more and more people.

'I was such a fool to believe i needed friends to be strong. I have enough power to wipe them all out.....I don't need anyone anymore except us...' I laughed in the darkness loosing it.

"Your right, you will see that your power can be used for more things than you imagined, just like i did..." Haichu laughed with me as we walked around my mind.

Kagai appeared next to us,
"so what village do you want destroyed?" she laughed as we entered a chamber. I then saw my dragon demon and 5 tailed wolf demon.
'cloud village...they have no use.....' I mumbled petting the wolf.

Kagai disappeared as she arrived to the cloud burning it down and freezing it over and over messing with time.
OOC: since almost everyone is at my house we are just gonna rp on my account xD.
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Kagai's training with Kura's power!
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