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 Inorder to Become...

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Shikamaru Nara
Shikamaru Nara

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Inorder to Become... Empty
PostSubject: Inorder to Become...   Inorder to Become... Icon_minitimeWed Aug 22, 2007 3:28 pm

Student: Join the Academy. [Therefore; the roleplay/forum]

Genin: Pass the academy final exam. [Basically; fill out a description of your bio]

Chuunin: Pass Chuunin Exam.

Jounin: Pass Jounin Exams.

Ninja Councilor: Your ranking must be Jounin or higher.

Sannin: Appointed by Kage.

Kage: Appointed by Council [Mostly by the decisions of all admins/mods]

Medical Ninja: Medical Training Camp. [If you're already skilled, then it's automatic]

ANBU: ANBU Training Camp. [Normally, the admins pick the best for the job]

Hunter Ninja: Hunter Training Program.

Missing Ninja (S-Ranked Criminal): Piss of your village learders! [Or; even if you try to attempt to kill your own shinobi of your village]
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Inorder to Become...
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