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 A poisen called love part.2

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A poisen called love part.2 Left_bar_bleue100/100A poisen called love part.2 Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)
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A poisen called love part.2 Left_bar_bleue100/100A poisen called love part.2 Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)

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PostSubject: A poisen called love part.2   A poisen called love part.2 Icon_minitimeTue Jul 22, 2008 8:41 am

Okay here is the sequel of part.1 where gaara goes on his Date whith shensai and there is something unexpected (or totally expected in times like these)
Gaara was grinning widely sitting in his room Looking for somthing to wear like his brother he had trouble getting dates unlike his brother he has class and unlike his brother he doesnt have his license and he had to ask kankuro to drive him there.
There was a knock on the door
Can I come in temari said opening the door.
"what do you want"Gaara said
"oh I just came here to say how proud I am that our little gaara is growing up"she said Pinching gaara's cheek.
"TEMARI!"Gaara said angirly pulling his face away
"okay okay I wont Treat you like a baby"Temari said grinning
"Temari Leave I need to get ready for my Date"Gaara said pointing to the door.
"okay okay I am leaving"Temari said leaving the room
Gaara Took a shower in fact the water turned solid brown when it hit him
Gaara dried himself off and put his tuxedo on He never ever wore this thing.
Kankuro walked in
"Ya ready yet it is 7:39"
"Ready"Gaara said walking out the door
They pulled up to The Cafe' Gaara saw Shensai walking in she sat down at a table.
Gaara ran out of the car and slamed the door.
"Have a nice Date"kankuro called after him
Gaara ran to the door and walked inside
shensai waved Her hand
Gaara walked over to her grinning
"how've you been"she said
"good good"Gaara said smiling eyes closed trying not to look her in the eye if he did he would say somthing stupid like kankura when he asked that girl on a date
"So what do you want to order"shensai said looking at the menu
"um I will just have a salad"gaara said to the waiter
a few minutes later there meals where deliverd
They talked and ate and pretty soon they where full as they wrapped up there left overs and they got there bill they got into a fight of who would pay Of course shensai won so she paid.
they walked out
"I'll walk you home"gaara said
"okay"shensai said grinning
"so who is your family"gaara said
"well Jiraya is my uncle tsunade is my aunt Naruto is my brother Yoterei is my dad and orochimaru is my uncle"she said
In shock when she said orochimaru he stopped
"hm what is it" she said
"orochimaru is your uncle"gaara said looking at the ground
"yeah"she sighed "go ahead and dump me now"
"Dump you I can barly talk to you I was worried you would Dump me" gaara said.
"wow how could anyone dump her she's cute she's funny she's smart"gaara thought
"Wow that's the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me"she said hugging him
Suddenly gaara got a warm fuzzy feeling inside he wonderd what it was.
She stopped huging him but she still had her hands on his shoulder's when he saw her face tears where welling up and she was smilling
"gaara thank you"she said
The rest of the walk they where silent Not a "I hate you silince" More like The "I Love you but i dont know what to say" silence They were both blushing
when they got to her door step They where still blushing
"I had a wonderful time"she said
"me to"gaara said
before he couldent even say good bye she was kissing him thee leftovers fell to the floor he was in shock at what was hapening
suddenly a sword was flying down twords shensai she stepped back just in time bandets surounded them
gaara snapped out of it standing in front of her protecting her.
"you think I cant fight hm I will show you"she said
She fliped around slicing and kiling the bandits pretty sonn not a bandit left
"wow"gaara said
"and you thought I was just a pretty face
"well cya" she said as she went inside
the he heard naruto chanting
Shensais got a boyfreind shensais got a boyfreind
Than shensai said SHUT IT BRAT
then there was a thud and naruto screamed
"been there done that"gaara mumbled
as he headed home he remeberd thet fuzzy feiling he finaly knew what it was

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A poisen called love part.2
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