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 Chuunin Exams Pt. 1

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PostSubject: Chuunin Exams Pt. 1   Chuunin Exams Pt. 1 Icon_minitimeSat Aug 18, 2007 5:49 am

Hello,I am Naruto Uzumaki!
because i am the leader of the chuunin exams. Me,Itachi,and Sasuke do not have to take this quiz and pass this test. if you have watched naruto. you will know what to do. but this is different. to know how much of naruto you know..i will ask you 9 Questions and the 10th is one from shippuuden..if you dont know this..then you fail.

finally opened,here they are: (note: PM me the answers.)

1.What Jutsu did the 4th hokage use to seal the Kyuubi into naruto?
2.Who does Naruto have a Crush on?
3.What are at least 4 of the hand signs in naruto?
4.Who's is the ex-Student of Orochimaru.
5.How did the 3rd hokage die?
6.Why does Sasuke want to kill Itachi?
7.Name 4 Akatsuki Members.
8.What happens to rock lee after he drink even alittle bit of sake?
9.At the last episode..why does naruto and jiraiya leave the village?
10.Why did Sasori in Shippuuden,on the fight of the old lady,sakura vs sasori. "We puppet masters think alike" after the old lady showed her puppet arm?

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PostSubject: Re: Chuunin Exams Pt. 1   Chuunin Exams Pt. 1 Icon_minitimeSun Aug 19, 2007 3:01 pm

Passed Members:
Naruto Uzumaki
Uchiha Sasuke
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Chuunin Exams Pt. 1
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