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PostSubject: Sakura Haruno   Sakura Haruno Icon_minitimeThu Aug 16, 2007 6:43 pm

Name: Haruno
First name: Sakura
Age: 15
Favorite food: (unknown)
Powers: Chakara control,Healing,Super Strength, etc.
Class: Chuunin
Physical description:
Temper: high
Strong point: inner self and chakara knowlege
Weakness:being called,like naruto or girls who like and flirt with sasuke!
Story:During Sasuke's long absence Sakura's driving force in life becomes a need to bring him back to Konoha. While it is unknown if her feelings for him have changed, her determination to bring him home overrides any other feelings she may have for him. As such, during their reunion after the timeskip, she willingly attacks him to make this task easier and to protect others from his attacks. Despite this new mentality in regard to Sasuke, Sakura still worries about his well-being, worrying about the lengths he has gone to get stronger and fearing what Orochimaru plans to do with him. Regardless of her conflicting approaches to Sasuke, Sakura is still unwilling to let anyone speak ill of him and readily beats anyone who badmouths him in an instant.

Sakura's opinion of Naruto is also one of her earliest personality traits. In Naruto's case, however, Sakura initially holds him to be a talentless idiot whose goal in life is to annoy her endlessly. While she continues to call him an "idiot" from time to time, Sakura abandons many of her convictions about Naruto as the two spend more time together. During each of his battles Naruto proves able to use numerous complicated jutsu in many ingenious ways, causing Sakura to value him as a teammate more with each passing mission. She even begins to find herself envious of Naruto's rapid progression, and tries to replicate his methods of getting stronger. Once Sasuke leaves Konoha, Sakura asks for Naruto to bring him back, believing him to be the only person capable of getting through to Sasuke. Naruto promises that he will bring Sasuke back, making it his promise for a lifetime. It is with this that Sakura realizes the lengths Naruto will go to for those close to him, and she cries for him when he is left in the hospital after his failed attempt. While Naruto maintains that he will bring Sasuke back someday, Sakura resolves that next time they will bring him to Konoha together.

In Shippuuden, Sakura begins to learn of the various hardships in Naruto's life, particularly that he is the container of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox and that Akatsuki seeks to capture him because of it. Furthermore, should Akatsuki succeed in capturing Naruto and remove the demon fox from his body, Naruto will die. Because of these revelations, Sakura has acquired a worrying mentality for Naruto, and cries for the various difficulties he faces. To help him in overcoming these obstacles, Sakura has become very protective of him and does whatever is necessary to keep him safe. Upon finding that the medical abilities she has learned over the timeskip are ineffective in overcoming the demon fox, Sakura tries to see if there are other things she can learn to be of more use to Naruto. As the two spend more time together, she starts to accept Naruto as a very reliable comrade and a trusted friend. As a result of these newfound feelings, Sakura is generally more accepting of Naruto's personality traits and is much more capable of working well with him. She draws the line at his growing perversion, though, despite the fact that she can be just as bad.
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PostSubject: Re: Sakura Haruno   Sakura Haruno Icon_minitimeThu Aug 16, 2007 6:45 pm

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Sakura Haruno
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