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 Ichigo Arianna

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PostSubject: Ichigo Arianna   Ichigo Arianna Icon_minitimeWed Aug 15, 2007 4:35 pm

Name: Arianna

First name: Ichigo

Age: 12

Birthday: Febuary 8th

Height: 167.8

Weight: 37.2

Village: Leaf.

Favorite food: Chicken Ramen with Smashed Crackers.

Powers: Powers over all fire and ice.

Class: Genin.

Physical description: She has greyish-silver hair. Wears a red plaid hat that covers one of her black neko ears. The hat has two black strands on it that hang down on the side. On her chest is a dark navy bodice that shows her stomach that has strings crisscrossed over it. The bodice connects to her neck and has long sleeves. A red plaid caplet rests over her shoulders. On her waist lays a red plaid microminiskirt that cuts off high thigh. Dark navy stockings lay on her legs that stop low thigh. Black boots on her feet.

Temper: When someones messes with her friends, Shes violent.

Strong point: Friendship

Weakness: Boys

Story: Age 2~Parents Divorced.
Age 5~Got fire and Ice powers.
Age 7~Got Kero.
Age 8~Got little sister.
Age 9~Got little brother.

Ninja Art: Flying Bells of Love
The set up is very simple. The user blows a kiss that turns into a heart. The heart muliples till there is billions. Usually Ichigo will be on the head of the person she is attacking. Usually in her kitty form. The hearts are solid and once you touch a heart or a heart touches you you are brainwashed and cant move. The user has time to kiss the person they froze and know who they love the most. The user has 1 minute to transform into the person the attacker loves most. In the attackers eyes the user still has the users normal self in mind. The attacker attacks and then the user has to know good drama. Once they have the attacker crying is when the user goes in for the kill. Its basically cat and mouse. Just with more drama.

Ninja Art: Summoning Kero
Kero is like Akamaru but pretends to be like a stuffed animal. Usually Kero just watches Ichigo while she fights and only comes in when Ichigo is like about to get badly hurt like a broken bone. When Ichigo says Summoning Kero a design come on the ground. Its sorta like Naruto's but more girly. Once kero transforms he is like a lion. Kero has earth and fire powers when in true form.

Family:Minako Yuki

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PostSubject: Re: Ichigo Arianna   Ichigo Arianna Icon_minitimeWed Aug 15, 2007 4:41 pm

O_o i understood have of that. accepted. ._.;
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Ichigo Arianna
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