The Uchiha Forest

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First name:Jiraiya
Favorite food:ramen
Powers:he has the power to see chakra points and a 360 degree around him within 200 meter's
Physical description:he has long white hair.he wear a red and neetty ninja suit. he has to glove like bands on his hand
Strong point:ninjutsu and summonings
Weakness:women and sometime's drinking
Story:The young man known as Jiraiya was selected to study as a Genin under Sandaime Hokage. More of a klutz than his teammates Orochimaru and Tsunade, Jiraiya was a bit jealous over their abilities. As Jiraiya grew his skills did as well, soon all three teammates were highly regarded for their skills. Jiraiya devoted himself to the village and to his friends.

As the years passed, Orochimaru dedicated himself to bizarre experiments. When Sandaime Hokage found out, Orochimaru fled. Jiraiya had a hard time believing the revelation and he took off after his friend to get him to return. They battled and Jiraiya returned to the village as a failure with his teammate gone for good. This colored his perceptions of priorities and he soon decided to leave Konoha behind.

Traveling the world he began to write a series of erotic novels, which gained him quite a bit of additional fame. In his travels he would often spy on women to get material for his books. Years passed and his travels took him back to Konoha to look upon its fine women. One such peeping session was interrupted by Ebisu and Naruto. Jiraiya took to Naruto seeing a bit of himself in the clueless wonder.

In the following weeks he would train Naruto to better use his chakra and how to summon toads. This would greatly help Naruto in his fights ahead. When Orochimaru launched an invasion of Konoha, Jiraiya did what he could to help but he did not make it in time to save the life of his former sensei Sandaime Hokage. With the village lacking a leader the Hokage advisors turned to Jiraiya. He declined but he and Naruto went and found Tsunade for them.

During this trip they battled Orochimaru once again and managed to convince Tsunade to return to the village as Kage. In the following weeks Uchiha Sasuke left the village to train with Orochimaru and Naruto gave chase. He returned after failing in his mission. Thinking of his own failure, Jiraiya told Naruto to give up but the young man refused.

Several months later Jiraiya and Naruto left the village to further his training and be better prepared to face Akatsuki. Jiraiya helped Naruto learn more about Genjutsu and also how to better use the Kyuubi chakra. In one such incident, Naruto was driven into a four-tailed Kyuubi state. He was nearly unstoppable but Jiraiya finally ended the wild destruction. Though he was given a huge scar on his chest for his troubles, Jiraiya chose not to tell Naruto what exactly happened, as the young man lost control of himself and his mind in that state. After two and a half years their training came to an end so they returned to Konoha.

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